Jacob Rosenberg Visits ‘The Nine Club’ For 200th Episode

‘The Nine Club’ brings in legendary filmer Jacob Rosenberg for the milestone 200th episode, clocking in at 4 hours. Rosenberg talks about shooting photos at an early age; going to Woodward and meeting Mike Ternasky for the first time; taking photos for a French magazine called No Way; how he got into filming; filming with Guy Mariano, Gabriel Rodriguez, and Rudy Johnson in Los Angeles; working on the first Plan B video Questionable, then Virtual Reality; skating Embarcadero and filming Mike Carroll; dealing with Mike Ternasky’s death; how he felt when everyone left to start Girl Skateboards; and editing Plan B’s Second Hand Smoke.

Crob has been working with The Berrics since the very beginning, and is responsible for creating one of our more memorable traditions: BATB’s ‘Legion Of Doom.’ Check out a handful of his projects with us, below:

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