Jacob Rupp

Photo courtesy of Jordan Rupp, Jacob’s brother

14-year-old Jacob Rupp (not to be confused with Pennsylvania’s Jake Rupp, a former pro in the ’00s) passed away on July 26 after slamming at Rhodes skatepark in Boise, Idaho. To everyone who witnessed it, Rupp seemed to take a fairly routine slam. He complained of his wrist and hip pain, nothing major. Unfortunately, what was happening under the skin was a muscle injury triggering a rapid leak of toxins into Rupp’s bloodstream.

The leak of toxins caused by the slam is a syndrome known as rhabdomyolysis. Though little-known to your average skateboarder, Rupp’s doctor recognized the signs quickly. Although rhabdomyolysis can be treated, Rupp’s case was especially advanced. In a “typical” situation, kidney functions are affected (making renal failure a likelihood), then other major organs begin to fail. It is assumed that Boise’s extremely hot weather played a role in Rupp’s rare case.

Rupp’s family have set up a GoFundMe page to help with the expenses. Please visit the page to learn a little more about Rupp’s life.

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