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Jacuzzi Unlimited Presents “Monnie”

Jacuzzi Unlimited, born from the visionary mind of pro skater Louie Barletta, defied expectations and evolved into a bona fide skateboard company. With Louie at the helm, armed with a team filled of familiar faces and fan favorites, the essence of Jacuzzi Unlimited is firmly rooted in putting the fun back into skateboarding. In keeping with that mission, the brand has officially put out their first team skate video.

‘MONNIE’ is full of remarkable parts from a roster of talented skaters, including Tony Latham, Andrea Benitez, Matt Savidakis, Gus Bus, Dru James, Joey Marrone, Caswell Berry, Daniel Dubois, Jackson Pilz, Louie Barletta, Michael Pulizzi, and Nestor Judkins before John Dilorenzo shuts it down with a masterclass in manuals. “MONNIE” showcases the sheer energy and creativity that defines Jacuzzi Unlimited’s approach to skateboarding and its commitment to putting the fun back into skateboarding.

Watch MONNIE, filmed by Brendan Bill, Jeff Davis, and Louie Barletta, above!

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