Ride Shotgun With Jagger Eaton In Red Bull’s ‘Field Day’

Team U.S.A.’s Jagger “On The Run” Eaton  is an Arizona boy for life. Raised in his family’s ‘Kids That Rip’ skate school, he has been blessed with a unique education (which is paying dividends these days)—and he can definitely teach us a thing or two about the good life. Red Bull recently followed him on a typical day, from off-roading to Fortnite, and invited you to sit shotgun. We call him ‘On The Run’ Eaton for a reason… where does he find the time?

If you want more of Eaton, read his interview with our very own Dave Swift here. He has come such a long way, obviously, but to really appreciate how well-rounded this skater is you’ll have to watch his It Must Be Nice, below:

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