Must Watch: Jahzeal Bell’s ‘Holy Field’ Part

Filmer Michael Bell premiered his full-length Holy Field in LA last weekend, and Jahzeal Bell‘s part is the first to get a digital release. ‘Holy Field’ comes out swinging with Bell’s part, and much like the eponymous real-life Evander Holyfield, Bell’s part will bite your ear off with its soundtrack (by Na-Kel Smith). Watch the part, above, and then check out Jahzeal’s Insta: Any fan of Saiki K. is A-OK with us!

The Holy Field full-length also features Tislam Smith, Spencer Semien, Ron Hawkins, Lester Singleton, Jahzeal Bell, Elliot Murphy, Greg Valencia, Brian Hastings, Andrew Valencia, and  Brent Menchaca. Check out Semien’s most recent Berrics parts—’Hoops’ and ‘Catnip’—below:

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