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Photographer Jake Darwen continues his ascension to pinnacle photography and is currently in the running for an X Games Gold Medal. In today’s oversaturated media landscape where “everyone’s a photographer,” Darwen’s imagery consistently shines to a higher level. His image of Madars Apse blasting a statoospheric ollie has been chosen as one of the top 6 summer-focused images from the past 12 months of Zoom galleries.

*This is one of Barcelona’s most iconic skate spots. As most of you know, in Barcelona you don’t drive. You skate from spot to spot and utilize the accessibility of public transportation. As we passed this narrow kicker, Madars Apse blasted an insane ollie out of it. I was in disbelief when I saw the way he did it. I shot two frames with no flashes, just to see where I was going to put all of my strobes. Then I proceeded to shoot this ollie with flashes. When I got home I assumed the frame with the flashes was my only option. A few weeks later I was going through all of my photos and scrolled past this one in disbelief. How did I not see this the first time around? The look on the man’s face says it all. *—Jake Darwen

Click here to vote for Darwen in the Zoom Photography Contest and remember that you can vote once per day leading up to X Games Minneapolis, July 19-22. The winner with the most votes will receive $10,000, the X Games gold medal for action sport photography, and will be announced during the live broadcast of X Games Minneapolis.

Madars Apse ollie photo Jake Darwen

Madars Apse, ollie. Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Jake Darwen

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