Jake Ilardi Gives You His Setup Specifications

Everybody skates differently, and everybody has a different preference for how they tweak their whips. Loose, tight, big, small, or somewhere in between… But if you had the opportunity to skate like Jake Ilardi, wouldn’t you just copy his specs? In Dew Tour‘s latest “Setups” video (we have no idea what “Jake Pates” means on thumbnail, by the way), you learn how to party like Ilardi with his 52mm Bones, Bones Swiss (“hella fast”), and medium bushings (not too tight, not too loose; some would say “just right”). Watch and learn, and mimic. (And watch this unbelievable run while you’re at it.)

We’ve had our own Ilardi party over the past year: the dude was stunned and amazed us again and again in the park. Check out some of his work at The Berrics, below:

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