Jake Ilardi’s Olympics Training Featured On ABC News

Sarasota, Florida’s Jake Ilardi is now ranked sixth in the world, and his big focus lately has been to train for the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo. He has chosen his hometown park as his TF, but a few improvements needed to be made: he started a GoFundMe to install a quarterpipe in an area of the park which only featured a few palm trees, and he hit the goal in under a week. Today, his local ABC Action News interviewed Ilardi about this project and also asked him how he’s dealing with pre-Olympics nerves. “Not really nerves. I’m just excited,” Ilardi said. “At the end of the day, these are just skateboarding contests coming up. It’s just fun.”

Watch the ABC video, above!

We’ve had our own Ilardi party over the past year: the dude was stunned and amazed us again and again in the park. Check out some of his work at The Berrics, below:

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