Watch Jamie Foy & Deathwish Team’s Demo In Florida

In 2015, Jamie Foy spearheaded the next wave of Floridian skaters making the exodus to So Cal. And, while we can’t really say that we “discovered” Foy, we certainly got in on the ground floor before he became one of today’s leading pros. Within 1o months, Foy had filmed enough projects for The Berrics to essentially become a household name and eventually even nabbed a spot on Team U.S.A. as an Olympic hopeful.

The Deathwish pro recently took a victory lap back to his homestate for a demo in Pensacola, and the brand posted an edit of the event to their YouTube channel yesterday. It’s a trip to see how far this skater has come—watch a sample of his early work with us below then watch him in the demo, above. Mind-blowing, and inspirational…

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