Jamie Foy Revisits His Epic Spots In X Games’ ‘Skaters In Cars’

Jamie “The Machine” Foy recently drove around with Chris Nieratko in World Of X Games‘ “Skaters In Cars (Looking At Spots)” series, revisiting some of his most epic rails. Sure, they look at spots made famous in Foy’s many parts over the past three years, but they also talk about some of the finer points of stepping to such intimidating rails, such as: trust the person who’s spotting you and always test out the rail before jumping on it. We also learn what Foy’s personal soundtrack is after his body hits the floor (it isn’t cartoon bird chirps, it’s hip hop circa 2010), and the importance of a distinctive colorway. You’re gonna want to pop in the backseat for this one.

While we can’t really say that we “discovered” Foy, we were certainly got in on the ground floor before he became one of today’s leading pros. (Obviously, anyone could see that he was going places back then.) Check out some of his work with The Berrics, dating back to 2015, below.

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