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Jamie Griffin BATB Stair Challenge

BATB 12 Champion Jamie Griffin is clearly a master of flatground with a DEEP bag of incomprehensible tricks. But can he do his infamous BATB winning tricks down a set of stairs? We’re about to find out…

Ireland’s Jamie Griffin gained notoriety on social media for skateboarding in his shed during bad weather doing the most technical stationary flatground tricks and ledge stall combos you can conceive. Griffin quickly became a viral sensation, gaining the attention of London based board brand, Hop King. After turning Pro for the brand in June of 2021, Griffin followed that up with his “Do It Rolling” street part to silence any critics that questioned whether he could do his insane flatground tricks rolling. In 2022, Jamie cemented his name into skateboarding history when he won BATB 12, defeating Jonny Giger, Spencer Barton, Vinnie Bahn and Lil Dre in the ‘Influencers’ bracket, along with ‘Icon’ Chris Cole, and ‘Joe’ Tyler Peterson at Finals Night to win the BATB 12 Championship.

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