Jamie Griffin Practices Flatground One Last Time Before BATB 12

One of Battle At The Berrics 12‘s most highly anticipated battles is between new pro Jamie Griffin and OG “Joe” Jonny Giger, an extremely innovative flatground master in his own right. Griffin’s sponsor Hop King released 30 minutes of flatground training ahead of his BATB debut, complete with a checklist of dozens upon dozens of mostly standard-issue (and some delightfully obscure) flat tricks. (Beta flip? Feather flip??) Sure, Griff-dog is good but it all comes down to the ro-sham-bo, innit? Watch the video, above.

Jonny: Jamie is comin’ for ya, mate.

Giger famously battled odds-on favorite Paul Rodriguez in 2014’s Battle At The Berrics 7, and the match quickly became one of our most-watched videos of all time. Check it out, below:

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