Jamie Thomas continues his Thrill of It All podcast with a new interview featuring Chris Joslin. The episode starts off heavy at the 1:22 mark when Joslin tells the story of his father being shot by the police when he was just seven.

He died before I even met him, when I was like seven… He was up in Bakersfield when he got shot. I met my dad’s mom and dad recently, within the last year or two. I found out that there were autopsy reports saying he was shot on one side of his head. But, apparently, the cop was on the other side of him. So I don’t know. There was some sketchy shit going on in Bakersfield at the time. This was 14 years ago now. Bakersfield cops have always been kind of sketchy.

It was not so much that they were on a rampage against him, though. He was found with 2.3ML of dopamine in his system. He was on meth and drove full force at the cop. I guess he was going to go back to jail again or something. And some dude in the trailer park where he was getting clothes was saying that my dad was going to hit him. He called the cops. My dad didn’t want to go back to jail. So he drove full force at the cops. That’s when they took defense and shot him.

This early life tragedy makes Joslin’s success even that much more admirable. Watch the entire episode above.

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