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Jamie Thomas Interviewed on The Hawk vs Wolf Podcast

THPS Alumni, and all around skateboarding legend, Jamie Thomas sits down with Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis on The Hawk vs Wolf podcast to discuss his illustrious and impactful career. The Chief shares his humble origins of coming up in the skate scene in the South, moving to the West Coast and living at Embarcadero, getting strep throat and staph infection from sleeping on the streets, how his affinity for jumping down big gaps developed, his “never kick-out” approach to skating drops, trying The Leap of Faith, being the last guy to sign up for THPS 1, filming for Toy Machine’s “Welcome To Hell,” learning to skate bigger handrails, his resilience to see a trick through, and working on his last part by doing 50 tricks in the streets by his 50th birthday to close out his video part career. This episode is chock full of golden nuggets of wisdom among a treasure trove of fantastic skate stories.

Sit down with The Chief, Birdman, and Wolf, above, and check out some of Jamie’s highlights with us, below:

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