Jamie Thomas Reveals Removal Of His ‘Fallen’ Tattoo

Back in the day, when he retained ownership of Fallen Footwear, Jamie Thomas committed to the brand by tattooing the straight-line logo on his right forearm. Having started the shoe brand in 2003, Thomas wore his heart on his sleeve (so to speak), but today he revealed that he did the ol’ lazer flip and got that shit removed.

True to The Chief’s character, this is somehow even gnarlier than getting that tattoo in the first place—never one to “just live with it,” he put himself through considerable pain once again, seemingly out of principle. In today’s Instagram post, he says that he is “letting go of the things that no longer serve me,” making it abundantly clear that he is not connected with the brand’s 2018 relaunch. Two years after the new Fallen reacquired former riders Tommy Sandoval, Chris Cole, and Billy Marks, it is apparent that many of Thomas’s fans had no idea that he has no affiliation with the brand’s rebirth. (Several comments to the above stated that they recently bought a pair of Fallens thinking that Thomas was involved.) This should clear things up once and for all.

Always the trendsetter, we’re curious whether Thomas will inspire an uptick in pros getting tattoos of their former sponsors’ logos removed… there are more than you might think.

Watch our recent projects with Fallen, and some of our greatest Jamie Thomas hits, below:

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