Jamie Thomas Shares His E-Commerce Strats In ‘The Other Side’

For Jamie Thomas  skateboarding has always been a top priority, but when you own one of the most influential skateboard companies ever it’s important to have some business acumen, too. And, as far as business goes, the Zero head honcho has carved a niche for himself in the past few years as a nostalgia entrepreneur: his Garage Days Collection specializes in artifacts of Zero history and unique items from Thomas’s career, and he also essentially does consignment for people trying to unload their own skate memorabilia. This unique venture has really taken off lately as pros realize that they have more decks, apparel, shoes, and other material clutter from their careers than they know what to do with; Garage Days is kind of a clearinghouse for skate collectors.

In the latest episode of Richie Valdez’s excellent ‘The Other Side’ documentary series, Thomas takes you behind the scenes of Garage Days and the Zero e-commerce operation and provides a lot of enlightening info about how his own collection obsession has evolved (the Zero offices are stocked with hundreds of skate magazines, many of which he has held onto since his youth), and how the two businesses influence each other (Thomas now creates limited edition versions of current Zero series by giving each board a personal artistic touch). Thomas is making it easier for fans to connect with the objects of their nostalgia, and in turn he’s reminding himself everyday of why he loves skateboarding so much.

Thomas has worked on numerous projects with The Berrics over the years, and filmed the first Battle Commander (mentioned in his ‘Other Side’ piece) at our current location in 2013, setting the tone for every BC to come. Check out some of his extensive catalog with us, below:

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