JAMIE THOMAS — The Thrill of It All

In what might be the biggest role reversal in skateboarding in recent memory, Jamie Thomas announced today that he is starting a podcast in April. Jamie has been an interviewee for various media outlets for decades. It will be interesting to see how he does asking the questions, and his choices for guests. There’s no concrete date for the first episode yet, but you can follow the podcast’s Instagram account for updates.

I am launching a podcast next month called The Thrill of It All. It is based on the inspiration, struggle, and journey of people that i admire and respect.
It’s definitely strange to dive into something so different later in life. And although i’m a bit nervous, it’s also really exciting doing something completely new.
What make us all different is our experiences and our stories. So I’m excited to help be a conduit for the stories of amazing humans to be told
There’s not a concrete launch date yet, but it will definitely be in the month of April.


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