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JASON JESSEE – BEHIND THE COVER — The Skateboard Mag 153

The Skateboard mag 153

The cover of issue 153 is one for the ages: a perfectly-timed capture of Jason Jessee (by photographer Jon Coulthard) in the midst of an all-too-familiar slam. That’s right, we put a bail on the cover. It may look like Jason’s just waxing the curb (while being levitated by a hovering spaceship’s tractor beam), but it’s a bail. It’s a thing of beauty—and it’s something that we can all relate to. Like Jessee says, “Every skateboarder knows: that’s what it is right there.” 

See the glorious cover footage in this video, featuring Jessee and Coulthard, shot on July 9. Issue 153, "One Day In Skateboarding," is available now.

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