Jeff Dechesare Is Now Pro For Vow


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Jeff “Wonsong” DeChesare turned pro for Vow last night with a special message for all the young skaters out there who have a dream of getting their names on boards:

“Over the past few years as I was approaching 30 I kind of accepted that I wasn’t going to get my name on a skateboard and I was perfectly fine with that. Skateboarding owes nobody anything. But now that it has happened, it feels just as amazing as I imagined. Don’t ever doubt yourself kids. If you truly have a passion for something, you can achieve anything towards it. Just gotta say thanks to Vow and Steve McInnes for believing in me and turning me pro. You made a 10-year-old kid from Denville, New Jersey’s dream come true. If you’d like to purchase a board theres a link in my bio.”

Congrats! watch a few of Dechesare’s projects with The Berrics, including his recent ‘Upstream’ part, below:

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