Jeffwonsong’s New Street Part Will Make You Do a Triple Flip

Every time the world receives a new Jeffwonsong (sometimes known as Jeff DeChesare) part, it’s like manna from the heavens. Or, more accurately: It’s like quadruple flips, 360 hardflips, and lazer flips raining down from the sky. Well, it’s time to bust out those umbrellas once again because Dechesare is making it rain in his latest part for Krux Trucks. Sure, he may be notorious for his absurd flip tricks, but this part proves that he kinda also has one of the best front shuvs in the game right now (if doing multiple front shuvs in a line is Wonwrong, we don’t want to be Wonright).

Dechesare’s Krux teammate June Saito has been getting some double-take-worthy clips in the park lately, too. Peep ‘em, along with a Jeffwonsong oldie but goodie, below:

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