THE FLARE — Jenkem Gets an Insider’s Perspective

THE FLARE -- Jenkem Gets an Insider's Perspective

The first Lakai in 10 years is releasing in July. The team has changed quite a bit since Fully Flared [2007]. With so many new faces in the mix, Jenkem decided to catch up with Daniel Wheatley, Sebo Walker, and Riley Hawk to get them to weigh in on Lakai’s latest project. If you’re not quite sure what to expect from Lakai’s upcoming release, Riley Hawk gives some solid insight that you can use to guide your imagination.

“I think they wanted to go with a not-so-serious approach, not saying that skating wise, but just like the way it’s put together. Not just the epic throw down shot to roll-away-high-five shot. More skating and then in between there’s some funny stuff. Obviously, all the other skaters have their idea of how they want their stuff to look, so just depends I guess.”

For more on The Flare, head over to Jenkem and check out the full article.

The Flare | Official Trailer

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