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When Jereme Rogers was but a wee lad, he was considered to be one of the most gifted skateboarders in the industry. His debut part, in PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life, turned a lot of heads—considering that Ladd’s part eclipsed everything that came before it, that’s quite an accomplishment. Rogers’s star burned bright for years, until he chose to take a hiatus from the skate industry, focusing instead on his burgeoning musical talent.

His post-spotlight era could be defined as “meme af” with every soundbite and video clip being instant viral gold. The details of his more infamous moments have been covered to death in skate media, etc., but suffice it to say, when Rogers is in the room he has an influence and aura that overshadows even the most towering presences. And none tower taller in skateboarding than Rogers’s parallel-universe counterpart, Nyjah Huston.

Last week, Rogers posted an explicit story detailing some altercation with Huston at a swanky party, and a months-long static between the two former child prodigies. The story involves boots upside the head, a stolen car (allegedly), and at least six different vaguely ethnic vocal impressions by Rogers—a consummate entertainer. How did it all start? Why is he just talking about the situation now? And why is it so gripping?

Adam 22 recognizes the sensational potential in this story and he makes a beeline to this topic right off the bat in the latest episode of his "No Jumper" podcast. Rogers pulls no punches regarding the Huston kerfuffle, and the interview as a whole makes for a very enlightening 50 minutes. To all you would-be child prodigies and aspiring multi-hyphenate pro skateboarders, this should be required viewing.

Here’s a little snippet of Rogers’s thought process [starting at 1:00], just to whet your appetites. We predict that energy transmutation will have many practical applications in skateboarding for years to come:

I run into this problem a lot: I [cause] friction with people with power… I think it’s an “energy exchange” thing. And with Nyjah it just built up and things kept happening, and I just decided to transmute the energy for my benefit, air it out, and let it be whatever.

Here’s the aforementioned Insta clip: 


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