Jett Brand Pays Tribute To Baltimore In ‘The Reality’

Baltimore’s Jett Brand is proud of its heritage. Brand founder Joey Jett went pro in his hometown and in the brand’s latest video he wants to remind skaters everywhere that the darkest times can often inspire the brightest art and self-expression, no matter your background. In ‘The Reality,’ Jett assembles a diverse group of Baltimoreans who overcame their own struggles and proudly use those experiences as fuel. Jett Brand’s video is inspiring, and—above all—real.

‘The Reality’ was filmed primarily in Baltimore with Jett, Gavin Whitaker, Teryn Dickson, Brandon Novak, Coffin Nachtmar, Alex Alezzy, Darren Bush, Juan Hondon, Matt Ray, BATB 7’s Spencer Brown, Tyrone Henderson, Jairo and Caroline Osorio, and Dalton and Kanaan Dern, and all of the Jett Brand apparel was 100% screen-printed by skaters.
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