Jim Greco Will Leave Supra After 14 Hammer-Filled Years

Jim Greco has announced that he will no longer ride for Supra Footwear beginning January 1, 2020. His final shoe, the “Greco Loafer” will be his last for the brand. Instead of picking up another shoe sponsor, Greco will be hammering his own shoes. (Talk about a sure-footed departure!) If you’re lucky you may even be able to nab a pair of his artisanal footwear (follow him on Instagram for updates on this venture).

Greco is a longtime friend of Berrics co-founders Eric Koston and Steve Berra, and was one of the original Berrics locals before The Berrics was The Berrics. Check out some of his early work, including Greco’s First Try Fridays where him and Koston find a free skate tool on the street (lucky!), below:

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