JIM GRECO — Skate Warehouse Interview

Jim Greco has been highly prolific over the past couple of years. The Way Out [2016] and *Year 13 *[2017] are both masterful combinations of skateboarding and visual storytelling. You can tell that Jim poured his heart into these pieces. While you would think that it would be time for a break, Greco is showing no signs of slowing down. In his new interview with Skate Warehouse, Jim sheds some light on four projects that he’s currently working on. Prepare to see much more of Greco in the future.

“I’m working on a film that’s coming out with Jeremy Klein. It’s his latest movie coming out. And I’m working on a Supra piece that’s going to be based around some stuff that we’re coming out with next year, in 2018. I’m working on the Deathwish promo that I’m putting together. And then, Jason Lee is making a film where he drives from Texas out to California, and ends in California with some skating. I’m going to be in that film. It’s his film. So I’m working on those four things right now.”

Watch the full interview above. He starts talking about upcoming projects at 7:44.

Jim Greco | The Deathwish Video [2013]

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