Joe Monteleone Releases Treasure Trove Of Antonio Durao Footage

Antonio Durao footage is like gold, and Joe Monteleone (aka Joeface) has been sitting on a VX goldmine for four years. This morning, Monteleone did what the kids call a “footage dump” of some 2016 sessions with Durao, utilizing a recently acquired SONY VX-1000. According to Monteleone’s Youtube description:

“Found some VX footage of Antonio from 2016 on the drives… It was the first week I got a VX-1000 after many years and we decided to fuck around.” Watch the aforementioned dump, above.

Are you more of an HD aficionado? (Well, aren’t you fancy.) Watch Durao’s Next New Wave part, below—which is already 3 years old—to see more footage from these sessions that made it in the 2017 video.

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