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John Wilson Premieres “Johnny’s Vid”

When you start out a video with Antonio Durao’s switch 360 flip noseblunt, you automatically set the tone for greatness… and Johnny Wilson delivers greatness. A stunning follow up to the 2020 epic “John’s Video,” Wilson delivers a 17 minute mashup of your favorite skaters to hype you up to hit the streets! Sit back, relax, and watch Karim Callender, Antonio Durao, Andrew Wilson, Cyrus Bennett, Max Palmer, Enzo Kurmaskie, Jake Anderson, Elissa Steamer, Ben Kadow, Stu Kirst, Kinser, Caleb Barnett, Vincent Touzery, Rowan Zorilla, Elijah Odom, John Franco, Felipe Bartolome, Nik Stain Casper Brooker, and Kevin Bradley (yes, we said KB!), do what they do best in ‘Johnny’s Vid,’ by John Wilson.

Watch the full edit, above, and check out John’s 2020 video, below!

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