Jon Comer Has Passed Away At 43 Years Old

Jon Comer, a leg amputee who went on to become a pro skateboarder, died this morning at 43 years old. He is considered the catalyst for the current adaptive skate movement, and his journey in skateboarding has inspired generations.

When Comer was four years old, his foot was run over by a car. Three years later, after many hospital visits, the doctors decided that the best way forward would be to amputate. This nightmare scenario didn’t deter Comer; over time, he seemed to even embrace his physical limitations. When he discovered skateboarding at the age of 12 it all became clear. Nine years later he would turn pro.

Comer truly adapted to his situation, gaining the attention of his peers Tony Hawk, Mike Vallely, and Steve Caballero, who all appear in Comer’s 2004 documentary Never Been Done. In an interview with Canada’s Faze leading up to the film’s release, Comer has some words of wisdom for anyone wallowing in self-pity: “Crap happens. Get over it!” RIP.

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