17 years ago, Mike Manzoori got Jon Miner a job at Emerica. In that time, Manzoori and Miner would define the look of one of skateboarding’s most respected brands. Miner’s body of work includes: This Is Skateboarding [2003], Kids In Emerica [2004], Wild Ride [2007], Stay Gold [2010], Made: Chapter One [2013], and Made: Chapter Two [2016]. The legacy of this collection speaks for itself.

A couple of days ago, it was announced via press release that Miner would be heading over to Element to take on the role of Global Video Director.

“As Element has recently began work on a feature skate video, the brand has been searching for the perfect director and leader for the brand’s audio/visual projects into the future.  “Over our 25 year history, video has always been the main channel to showcase Element and our amazing teams.  We’ve had the good fortune to work with some of skateboarding’s best directors, and we’re so hyped to continue that tradition with Jon.”– Johnny Schillereff

“As I take on this new role with Element, I’d first like to thank Don Brown, Pierre-Andre Senizergues and mostly Mike Manzoori for giving me a platform to produce videos with Sole Technology and Emerica. Having been close long-term friends with Brian Gaberman, filming with Brandon Westgate over the years, and being able to contribute to Element projects in the past, this new role feels like a natural progression for me. I’m stoked to hop in the van and hit the streets with these buds.” – Jon Miner

While this is certainly the end of an era, it is also the start of a new chapter in Miner’s career.


I’ve been struggling with this post… After 17 years there are so many friends and memories–but I’ll keep this short. Thank you @emerica for being my dream job and for the best times of my life. @mikemanzoori @don_brown @pas_skate @thisisjustinregan @andrewreynolds @atibaphoto @kevinspankylong @ed.templeton @leoromero @bherman @westgatebrandon @internetfamous @the__provider @killerpizza @buckygonzalez @jeremy_leabres @smokeeyes @enizfazliov @robmaatman @tonydasilva @princeonion @daaanbo @daddys_plastic @chrisssthomasss @_paulkwon @sambarratt @suskawoo @chrissenn @toshtownend @erikellington @braydonsza @lilfucky @black_rambo @jettyalanhendo @othee @dustinaron , @unclebill3571 @yogiproctor and everyone else, much love ❤️

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