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Jordan Maxham & Sierra Fellers Released ‘iDabble Video Magazine 1’ On YouTube

Jordan Maxham and Sierra Fellers have made the first issue of iDabble Video Magazine available for free on YouTube. The quarterly video series is hosted by Mark Appleyard, and has an eclectic selection of articles/features in each issue (issues #2 and #3 are only $.99 digital downloads, and hardcopies are also available on VHS and DVD).

In a recent Instagram post, Maxham explained the origins of iDabble and what is planned for the mag’s future: “iDabble Video Magazine came to life in April of 2019. It is something that @thefellers and myself have put almost all of our time into over the last year. We are a skater owned and operated Video magazine and we release 4 issues per year. We give ads/commercials to skater owned companies for free. The legend @mark_appleyard hosts each issue and they are generally 30-40 min in length. All the music is provided by skaters or fans of skating that want to be involved. For each issue we produce 250 DVDs and 50 VHSes. When our small batch of DVD/VHS copies of each issue are sold out from our website, the only way to get them is at your local skate shop.”

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