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JOSH KALIS INTERVIEW — Kalis Reflects on Love Park

JOSH KALIS INTERVIEW -- Kalis Reflects on Love Park

Josh Kalis was recently in London for the launch of the DC Shoes x Slam City collaboration. In honor of the occasion, Kalis sat down with Kingpin for an interview in which he talks about the glory days of Love Park. When asked about fines he paid for skating the now-defunct plaza, Josh reveals that the city of Philadelphia hit him with an insane tax bill six years after he moved out of Pennsylvania. 

“Zero. Oh, to tell you the truth, check this out – I paid zero tickets for skating Love Park but then they fucked me on taxes! Six years after I moved out of the city they hit me with this bogus tax bill. It said ‘Mr Kalis we know who you are’ shit like that, I fought it for two years and I lost. I had to pay the City of Philadelphia $117,000! It took me three years to pay it off, there was no beating it. They knew exactly what they were doing, they knew my accountant from those years had passed away, they had all their ducks in a row and they fucked me for sure.”

For more on Kalis, read the full interview on the Kingpin site and rewatch his Life on Video series below.

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