Karl Berglind Skates Beautiful Big Sky Country In Latest Red Bull Video

Red Bull keeps coming up new and exciting ways to capture the energy and creativity of skateboarding. Whether it’s their maze project, or skating an empty airport terminal (because come on, who hasn’t wanted to do that?), or the Skate Nash Stages event, the creative team at Red Bull is definitely sippin’ on that Bizull late into the night and inventing funky ways to document this thang. The latest project plops Sweden’s Karl Berglind smack-dab in the middle of picturesque Montana (cue eagle caw) with nothing but a skateboard and someone super skillful on a follow dron. Seriously, whoever was twiddling the drone controls deserves a big sky raise: Berglind does his best to outrun Big Brother but the drone always manages to be right on his Swedish tail (but if you look closely, you can see Karl Berglind slowing so that this drone can keep up). If you’re hankering to pop open a can of gorgeous scenery and masterful bowl skating—and who isn’t?—Red Bull’s got the fizzy goods, above.

The Berrics covered 2019’s Red Bull Bowl Rippers—check out our videos from that event, below:

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