Kaue Cossa Faces Off Against Pedro Iti In ‘Slides & Grinds 4’

Sobreskate‘s ‘Slides & Grinds’ competition has become one of the most anticipated letter-based events… it’s like Battle At The Berrics, but with a ledge! The most recent match premiered yesterday with Kaue Cossa sliding and grinding against Pedro Iti, and if you thought the game between Gabriel Fortunato and Lucas Marques was long, wait ’til you see this one! Cossa made it really far in last year’s ‘Slides & Grinds 3’… can he take it all the way? Well, as they say in Brazil: “Anybody got wax? …Seriously. We’re almost out over here.”

We have our own ledge-stravaganza series, and it’s called Ninja Training. Check out a few of these satisfyingly edgy, Brazil-centric videos below:

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