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Keen Ramps Builds A Handrail into The Ocean

Keen Ramps might have just set a new standard for barging a spot. Cory Keen and Friends shut down a local el Toro sized watering hole with a Hollywood high 12 stair replica rail straight off a cliff into a canal. Between the marina, multiple cafes, pedestrians, and adjacent homeowner, at first glance it seems like they picked a bust of a spot to set up on. But after taking down the fence, setting up the rail, and sessioning it for a while, no bust came and the session fly off without a hitch. Go drop them a comment on what you’d like to see in part 2!

Watch Cory Keen, Garrett Ginner, Dale Decker, and Santana Saldana shred a rail across an El Toro sized gap into the canal, above!

Check out some of our projects with Keen Ramps, below!

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