Kelly Hart Now Rides For Ryan Gallant’s Visit Brand

Kelly Hart—who is one-third of The Nine Club—has officially joined Ryan Gallant‘s company Visit, according to a post on the brand’s Instagram feed today. Hart has been without a board sponsor since Expedition went out of business a few years ago, and he had to take a few months off from skating last summer due to injury. Nevertheless, he got back on his board in September—and it was a Visit team model.

Hart shares a lot of history with Gallant, and both are blessed with incredible 360 flips. Gallant (who was also an Expedition pro before the brand went kaput) shared the following announcement:

“We were gonna release these tomorrow but why wait? 3 new @visit_skateboarding boards are available now, including the first @kellyhart pro models. I’ve known Kelly forever and I’m hyped and honored to be able to make skateboards with his name on them. Thanks for rolling with me Kelly!”

Gallant and Hart are longtime friends of The Berrics, and have worked on dozens of projects with us over the years. (More recently, Hart flexed his hosting chops with Walker Ryan’s live First Try Friday.) Check out some of their handiwork below:

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