Kelvin Hoefler Reveals The ‘Secrets Of Skateboarding’ In Olympics Interview

Kelvin Hoefler Reveals The 'Secrets Of Skateboarding' In Olympics Interview

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Kelvin Hoefler was profiled at (the source for Tokyo 2020 Olympics news), with an interview titled “Secrets Of Skateboarding.” And while the title may sound enticing, his revelations will probably only count as secrets to people who have never skated. But it’s also deeper than the standard “Pssst… skateboarding is hard. Pass it on” that you read in so many interviews geared towards mainstream readers. Here’s an example below:

“Skateboarding is about freedom, creativity, being with friends and just having fun. For me, skateboarding is a lifestyle.”

But Hoefler does break it down pretty damn well for the noobies, explaining the importance of breaking in your shoes and a reliable, well-made skateboard. Essentially: don’t take this shit for granted because it could make or break your contest performance. Surprisingly, he also touches on the necessity of obsessively filming your tricks in order to get noticed in skateboarding. Again, this won’t be news to you but it’s rad to see someone like Hoefler get into the “nuts and bolts” for the Olympics nerds.

In case you weren’t aware: Hoefler was once the Street League world champion, has claimed two golds, a silver, and a bronze in four X Games appearances, and is currently ranked third in street worldwide. Read the full interview at

Hoefler has been filming projects with us since 2013, and it seems like every year that passes is a milestone for him on the contest circuit. SLS, Dew Tour, X Games, you name it—Hoef has dominated it. Here are just a handful of videos he’s worked on with us over the years:

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