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Kev Perez Premieres “VITO”

When you’re in the streets as much as Kev Perez, it’s no wonder he keeps coming out with so much high quality content. Following the release of “4 LOVE” a year ago, his latest video project, “VITO”, sets the standard for solo homie videos with an incredible all-star lineup of skaters. Art Cordova kicks things off into high gear with a bevy of rippers keeping the pace for Nikolai Piombo and Jonny Hernandez’s standout parts before one last banger from Art to shut it down.

Keep your eyes peeled for clips from Yuto Horigome, Paul Rodriguez, Dylan Jaeb, Diego Najera, Tanner Burzinski, Robert Neal, Kai Kishi, Ish Cepeda, Jake Hayes, Franky Villani, Christian Henry, Ronnie Kessner, Carlisle Aikens, Willie Wilson, Ryan Carrell, Lui Elliott, Trent Mcclung, Trevor Mcclung, Thomas Dritsas, Tre Williams, Jp Souza, Ron Parker, Tj Harris, Daniel Scales, Mike Wine, Grant Fiero, Brandon Starr, John Dilo, Austin Heilman, Dartagnan Greenfield, Kevin White, and Adrian Adrid sprinkled throughout the 15 minute edit.

Watch “VITO”, by Kev Perez, above, and check out Kev’s “4 LOVE” video, below!

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