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Kev Perez releases 26 Minutes of RAW Footage from ‘4 Love’

Kevin Perez, the April filmer who edited Yuto Horigome’s VX masterpiece ‘The Yuto Show!’ last year, has released 26 more minutes of raw footage from his latest project ‘4 Love’. Part 4 of the raw drop features Yuto Horigome, Paul Rodriguez, Dashawn Jordan, Carlos Ribeiro, Manny Santiago, Diego Najera, Daniel Lebron, Hugo Corbin, Yosef Rattlef, Bailey Schreiner, Trent McClung, Lui Elliot, Jafin Garvey, Marek Zaprazny, and Johnathan Hernandez.

Watch the full video filmed and edit by Perez, above, and check out the full ‘4 Love’ edit along with Part 1-4 RAW & Uncut bonus edits, below:

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