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Kev Perez Shares A Day at The Primitive Park

Paul Rodriguez started one of the greatest board brands in skateboarding, has one of the greatest skate teams, and built one of the greatest skateparks in LA… so of course he would have some of the greatest skateboarders come session his park on the regular. Today, thanks to Kev Perez, we get a sneak peek into an everyday Primitive Park session full of good times, laughs, and quite a few back-to-back. Watch the full sesh, featuring Jp Souza, Trent McClung, Paul Rodriguez, Filipe Mota, TJ Harris, Jake Darwen, Spanish Mike, Daniel Scales, Christian Dufrene and Bailey Schreiner, above, and then shop our selection of Primitive products in The Canteen!

We’ve been blessed to work with Primitive over the past few years, cultivating in some pretty epic content. Check out some of our favorites featuring the Primitive Skate Team, below:

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