Kevin Perez Releases 10 Minutes of ‘4 Love’ Raw Clips

Kevin Perez, the April filmer who edited Yuto Horigome’s VX masterpiece ‘The Yuto Show!’ last year, has released 10 minutes of raw footage from the project. Part 1 of the ‘4 Love’ raw drop features April and Primitive riders including Horigome, Robert Neal, Diego Najera, Ryan Carrell, Daniel Scales, Yosef Ratleff, ‘Ugly’ Lui Elliot, and Marek Zaprazny. One thing is for sure: these guys always make it look so easy, but the raw clips show all of the obstacles they had to get past to make this magic. (For example, Horigome picked the windiest day in LA history for his hillbomb banger, and Elliot battled traffic on one of the city’s busiest streets.) See how the sausage was made, above!

Horigome made a huge impact in 2016 when he was featured in The Berrics’ inaugural Next New Wave series, filming an ender for his NNW part (below) that honestly raised the bar for anyone planning on stepping to that LA rail. In his pro part, Horigome focuses on intimidating rails, gaps, and street shit, but don’t forget that homie can landed a perfect McTwist at the drop of a hat, too. Check out some of his diverse work with us below:

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