Cancer-Stricken Editor Kevin Wilkins Needs Your Support

Cancer-Stricken Editor Kevin Wilkins Needs Your Support

Kevin Wilkins, one of the greatest reporters in the history of skateboarding, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. In true Wilkins style he addressed the serious medical situation with his trademark humor on his GoFundMe page, laying out the scary reality that he’s facing all while thanking his friends and fans for their support: “I’ll… start radiation therapy to kill the cancer: 40 visits in 8 weeks, plus 5 extra radiation blasts on my hip bone where it’s spread… All weird. All aggressive. All boring.” (A few days ago, doctors found additional spots on his pelvis that weren’t discovered during previous scans.)

Since the 1980s, Wilkins has covered—like, super eloquently—skateboarding’s many highs and lows. He has worked at Homeboy with Spike Jonze and Andy Jenkins; was editor and writer (among other positions) at Transworld; and founded The Skateboard Mag, steering the tone as Editor for many years. Now in his early-50s, Wilkins has shaped several generations of skaters’ impressions of the culture, and probably influenced a lot of skaters to start writing, too.

If you’d like to donate to help pay for Wilkins’s doctor visits, please visit his GoFundMe page here. Get well soon!


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