Kickflip To Fight Juvenile Myositis


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6-year-old Sturgill King is fighting JM disease, and you can help too… with your kickflips.

In 2018 at the age of 2, Sturgill Coffey was diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM).
JDM is a rare and sometimes life-threatening autoimmune disease that causes the immune
system to fight itself when no infection is present, attacking healthy cells, especially skin and
muscles. Children with JDM often have severe muscle weakness and pain in all extremities hindering
their ability to walk, play or even sit. There are NO FDA-approved treatments and no cure for
the disease. Treatments for JM include high-dose steroids, chemo injections, and IVIG
infusions, these treatments though lifesaving, often have debilitating and lifelong side effects.

With November being the month of global generosity, the Coffey family is launching “Kickflips for a Cure” to
fund more promising research than ever before, ensuring no stone goes unturned in pursuit of a
cure for this rare condition that affects 2-4 in one million children. All proceeds of this fundraiser
will be donated to Cure JM Foundation, the nationally acclaimed nonprofit spearheading
game-changing research and dedicated to unearthing a cure for this devastating children’s


How can you help…it’s simple, we’re calling on our friends in the skate community to submit any
variety of kickflips by posting and tagging them @kickflipsforacure on Instagram. For each
kickflip filmed/submitted in the month of November local businesses and industry partners have
been gracious enough to donate between $2-10 per kickflip! All donations will be matched
“dollar for dollar” by “The Coffey Family Match”, so a $100 donation turns into $200!
We also highly encourage those participating by sending kickflip clips to also consider a small
donation of $5+ (that’s cheaper than a sheet of grip these days). Maybe sponsor a buddy’s
kickflip or put a bid in for a gnarly one that really fires you up…

We’d love to see a high level of support and variety, so get out there and flick away…flick into
grinds, slides, huck a big flick, or do em fakie or switch!  Do them rocket, do them mob…we love
em, so keep em comin!

All kickflip variations filmed between November 13th-December 1st will count towards the
dollar-for-dollar match. There will be a close-out event with the
Block Skate Supply the first weekend in December; more details to follow. Where there’s a kickflip, there’s hope. Donate here!

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