Watch Kilian Martin’s ‘Dance Of The Trees’ Video Here

Kilian Martin has become a world-renowned skater through his series of Brett Novak-directed short films, successfully breaking through to a mainstream audience with a hybrid style of skateboarding that is exceptionally easy on the eyes. By mixing street and freestyle, Martin has been able to use his background in gymnastics as a “springboard” for his skate progression.

In his latest collaboration with Novak, Martin does his globetrotting thing in Myanmar, a country that has been in the news a lot recently—ongoing protests have made the region a political hot zone. The gorgeous ‘Dance of The Trees’ was filmed before the pandemic rocked our world, and juxtaposes Myanmar’s culture with Martin’s freestyle, but the focus isn’t on the pro skater: Novak highlights the powerless people affected by the government’s abuse of power, too. The last half of the video isn’t the expected crescendo leading up to another flawless Kilian Martin kill screen, it’s an edit of the locals trying to ride on Martin’s skateboard for the first time (and we think one of them actually said, “Damn, these trucks are too tight”).

The Martin/Novak dream team have once again created an inspired travelogue, captured at a serendipitous time for Myanmar. We hope that it doesn’t end up being a time capsule for how things “used to be.”

The Berrics has worked with Martin on a variety of projects over the years, and we can confirm that watching him in person is like watching a living, breathing painting. Watch some of our videos with him—suitable for framing—below:

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