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‘King Of MACBA 4’ Second Round Begins With Blake Johnson & Marek Zaprazny

Blake Johnson and Marek Zaprazny kick of the second round of MACBA Life‘s ‘King Of MACBA 4’ plaza competition, with a gnarly mix of tricks. Here’s a little refresher on this series’ rules: Offense alternates after each attempt until the word “MACBA” is spelled out’; spots must be alternated when on offense, so skaters can’t pick the same spot twice in a row; defense has two tries, but three tries on the last letter; and the hydrant obstacle must be used at least once in the match (it sounds like a dog wrote that rule). Let’s ro sham bo!

Johnson (he puts the “nice” in Venice) has been working with The Berrics for several years. Watch a few of his projects with us, below:

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