Koston and P-Rod Narrate ‘20 Years of Nike Skateboarding’

Nike SB rewinds to 2002 to where it all began, for a second time, in its latest video. After many unsuccessful forays into skateboarding, Nike tapped a visionary by the name of Sandy Bodecker to lead a new charge. Fresh off his success integrating Nike into an equally challenging world of global football, Boedecker quickly had Nike heading in the right direction with skateboarding, too.

Watch ‘20 Years of Nike Skateboarding’ above—narrated by Berrics co-founder Eric Koston and P-Rod, the winner of everything The Berrics has ever done. And be sure to visit The Canteen to shop our selection of Nike SB!

Nike SB has been working with us ever since the very beginning of The Berrics. Check out some of our past projects with the brand’s team below:

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