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Kyle Camarillo Interviewed On ‘The Nine Club’

Filmer extraordinaire Kyle “Getcreepy” Camarillo recently sat down with The Nine Club for episode #207 of the long-running series. He talks with the crew about working at Skateworks; meeting the Tilt Mode crew; getting into filming, and filming the Think video iThink; working for Enjoi and filming Bag Of Suck, and what it was like to film Jerry Hsu’s unbelievable ender; tells a story about how Marc Johnson bought him a computer for editing; photography; leaving Enjoi; working for LRG and editing Give Me My Money Chico; working for New Balance, and all of his projects.

We produced a two-part ‘Shoot All Skaters’ with Camarillo a few years ago which covers a lot of these points mentioned in his interview. Check it out, below!

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