Kyle Jordan’s ‘Glitchy’ Gives You a Snapshot Of The LA Scene

Kyle Jordan‘s recently released ‘Glitchy’ features his friends in a perfectly 2019 snapshot of the Los Angeles skate scene. We first learned of Jordan’s work when we were premiering Carlos Vega‘s ‘Dedication’ part—he had a hand in the production—and after watching ‘Glitchy’ we’re eager to see what he’ll do in 2020.

‘Glitchy’ features John Demaranville, Vega, Nick Velasco, Andrey Tarasov, Mirza Jasarovic, Anderson Lemus, Michael Rogers, Ross Schick, Zack Amadeo, Preston Weimer, Conor Patterson, and more.

Watch Vega’s ‘Dedication’ part, which premiered in July, below:

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