L.A. Skateboarding with Eric Koston for Nike SB ‘In The Wild’

Buckle up for a wild ride with Eric Koston and friends in Nike SB‘s series ‘In The Wild,’ that gives us a glimpse at which Nike products athletes all around the world are wearing in their natural habitat. In the latest episode, Eric Koston and his son Fynn Koston push around their favorite local LA skateparks with Grant Taylor, Jake Anderson and Tony Huffnagle. The crew hits up Frogtown to warm up and then slide around Chevy Chase skatepark for some good ol fashion fun with family and friends.

Watch Nike SB’s In The Wild with Eric Koston, above, and check out Eric Koston’s kickflip challenge videos this week leading up to #NationalDoaKickflipDay on Koston’s Birthday, April 29th!

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