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Lacey Baker appears in the new Miley Cyrus video for “Mother’s Daughter,” off of her She Is Coming EP. The video, released this morning, is trending #1 on YouTube and features a cast of feminist and LGBTQ activists.

Baker was quoted at the Billboard site about the video in a post today:

“Taking a stand for the women and queer community in skateboarding has brought me to life in a powerful way. It’s crucial to create space for marginalized communities every single day, and the platform I have through skateboarding is a perfect vehicle for this. There is so much love to share in the LGBTQ communities all over the world, and to be able to tap into this love through skateboarding is so beautiful. The queer community gives me so much fucking life. #LGBTQ #PRIDE.”

A couple of hours ago, Baker posted a behind-the-scenes shot of her and Cyrus, with this caption:

“Thanks for such a rad opportunity. Let’s break the binary, let’s dismantle the patriarchy.”


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Skateboarding getting recognized for equality and diversity at this level is just crazy. We’ve come a long way, baby. (Incidentally, Baker was voted by YOU as the 2017 Populist.)

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