LACEY BAKER — New York Times Interview

LACEY BAKER   -- New York Times Interview

courtesy of Broadly

As a two time SLS Women’s World Champion, the newest female addition to the Nike SB team, and our 2017 Populist winner, Lacey Baker is becoming the face of female professional skateboarding. This point is supported by her new interview in the New York Times. They don’t exactly toss out editorial real estate to just anyone over there. The interview covers skateboarding from a female perspective. And Lacey says what you would pretty much expect her to on a variety of topics like the bit about sexism is skateboarding below.

I’m sure that it’s out there. I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it. I know if I scroll through comments on YouTube videos of me — or of other girl skateboarders — there’s always those [expletive] comments, the same rude, homophobic, sexist stuff. But the world that I’ve created for myself within skateboarding — it doesn’t really exist there.

While this interview isn’t exactly filled with quotable insights, where it’s located is newsworthy in and of itself. Head over to the New York Times site to read the entire piece.

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